Our target is 0% loss of contracts due to service reasons. We know that this is a very hard target to achieve but we believe we can do it. We keep at least 85% of our contracts every year and we believe this is due to our quality control systems which have been developed over a number of years.

Good management of our technicians is the key to our success and improvements to our pest control services are made each and every time we complete a job. We rarely get complaints about our work which means you can have confidence in us to do a good job and get you pest free.


We implement our quality control regularly by checking the technician’s work. A technical inspector carries out a quality audit eight times per year for each technician. A bonus is paid in accordance to the level of quality observed. Constant appraisal is provided to ensure levels of work are of the highest quality possible.

We are one of the few companies to make this investment into quality. It pays off, however as our reputation brings us new customers every day.