Flies Management Service

Amarnath Pest provides you with the best fly pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free solution. We rely on advanced treatments to manage the flies at your home.

How do flies enter your home?

Doors or windows with no screens, open garbage bins, manure pits, fermenting fruits, spilled aerated beverages, and open containers of alcohol, attract flies to enter indoors. Adult flies lay eggs on moist surfaces, cracks, washbasin corners and sink pipes.

How can Amarnath Pest help you tackle flies?

Amarnath Pest uses chemical and mechanical means to control flies. We spray long residual effect chemical pesticides to manage flies.

We also do baiting of flies as that is the best approach to fly control.  We use a bait formulation that remains active when wet to lure and kill flies.  Fly control bait is suitable only outdoors and helps in the mass killing of flies. Fly control bait is suitable only outdoors and helps in the mass killing of flies.

our team installs Insect Light Traps (ILTs) for attracting and trapping flies indoors.  As blue and UV light attracts flies, we use light traps to capture flies in commercial premises.

Installation of ILTs and glue traps are supplementary to outdoor fly control as these traps help us monitor the fly population and identify the type of infestation.

Service Offerings:

The frequency of this service is decided based on the extent to which pest management is required.

Control & Prevention Tips

  1. Always keep your surrounding clean.
  2. Wipe off food remains spilled on the ground, kitchen slabs, dining tables, etc.
  3. Dispose any old garbage, clothes and other waste materials.
  4. Wash all fruits and vegetables as they may carry eggs of pest.


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