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Honey Bee Management Service(HMS)

Although bees can be considered to be a nuisance to most people, we at Amarnath Pest Control consider them to have a great ecological importance. In light of this, we conduct a professional service. Under the proposed solutions of bees control services we provide protection of household premises and commercial areas which are affected by such creatures. We cover the solutions regarding the problems. A range of protective measures against bees and other insects is provided by us.

About Honey Bee Management Service

Bee stings are usually not dangerous unless a person is allergic to the venom. Signs of an allergy include nausea and fainting. If left untreated, the result could be death. The number of stings also plays a role. If stung enough times, any person could face death.
Honey bee stings can be quite painful, depending on how much venom enters the body before the stinger is removed. Painful swelling, itching, redness, and irritation around the skin often follow the initial, stinging pain.

  • No uses of pesticides, bees are Not killed
  • One-Time service
  • Strong smell in enclosed Bee
  • Proper access to the beehive is required
  • Honey-bees can cause extensive damage
  • Satisfied in our Work

Frequently asked questions

A:How long does it take for a colony of bees to die off once the hive has been treated? A colony of bees usually takes 2-3 days to completely die off. Sometimes it can take longer depending on the population of bees in a colony.
A: Typically, swarms only stay in one place for a few hours or maybe a day, but some swarms may remain for several days.
A:Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it over the hive, keeping track of the time. If you have any flowers on your porch or windowsill, make sure to spray them too. Plus, spray in the general vicinity where the bees usually swarm
A: But no, honey bees do not leave in the fall and return in the spring. If an entire colony is gone from its hive, that colony is not coming back. The colony may have absconded, or it may have died for some reason.
A:For honey bees, it is essential that entrance points or blocked off, and if possible remove all the honeycomb. Failure to do this will cause robber bees to find the infected honey and take it back to their hive, thus contaminating it.
A:Because bees are attracted to the pheromones and the hive material, new swarms will often re infest the area over and over again. 2. Hives that are not removed will often decay and cause foul odors to emanate from the wall and/or roof