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Pre-Termite Control Services

How to choose Termite Control Services at Pre-construction areas?

The termite control service in areas of pre-construction of buildings offers excellent service for above 15 years. According to client reviews, termite control service offers the best quality of chemicals and effective methods of treatment.

The anti-termite program will help builders in constructing the buildings both in commercial and residential areas free of termites during pre-construction of the building. The basic method of chemical treatment is to make a chemical barrier surrounding the building to end the termite family from extending any further in and around the building.

Mode of Treatment without Building Basement

This mode of termite control program will start after the foundation of the building is done and plinth construction.
Treatment in Plinth Filling
When the soil filling around plinth area is done, the surface of filled soil including the top portion around the plinth wall would be treated by applying chemical mixture at 5 liters per square meter.
Treatment at Floor and Wall Junction
The treatment will be the one at the junction of soil and wall 1 meter. Intervals will be given at a distance of 30 cm. Moreover, near the wall junction, the mixer will be sprayed at 1-liter intervals throughout the soil portion. The soil is then placed properly and allowed to dry.
Treatment of Soil over the External Perimeter
Up to 30 cm of a depth of the foundation would be treated around the plinth wall with the termite treatment. The termite treatment should be effective enough to reach the external perimeter of the area.
Treatment of Soil surrounding Conduits, Pipes, and Nuts
As pipes, conduits, and wastes enter soil around the soil foundation, at the entry of the foundation, a depth up to 7.5cm and a distance covering 15 cm including the loosened soil portion would be treated with the necessary chemical mixers.

Mode of Treatment with Building Basement

This treatment takes place after excavation and before PCC and soiling is done on the area. The detailed step of the treatment is mentioned in the following.
Treatment of Soil under Raft
Around the plinth area, after the filling is complete, the area needs to be covered with soil. After this, the plinth area would be treated with the chemical mixer at 5 liters per square meter.
Treat Soil along the Wall
The soil towards the wall of the building should also be treated with the termite killing program. Here, it should be treated at the rate of 5 liters per square meter. Moreover, the treatment needs to be done in stages of 30 centimeters, and it should not exceed 1-meter depth.
Treat Soil on the External area of the Building
The soil lying in the external area also needs to be treated with the program till 30 cm of depth, and it is treated at a rate of 2.25 liter per meter rate.
Treat Soil around Pipes, Conduits, and Wastes
The soil around the foundation of the premises to be treated with the program, at the starting point might get loosened. For the same, this soil is treated with chemical emulsion covering a distance of 15 meters and up to the 7.5 cm depth.

Anti-Termite Pest Control Services

Amarnath Pest Control offers 2 Types of Anti-termite Treatment to prevent structural and property damage:

1. Pre-construction anti-termite Treatment

2. Post-construction anti-termite Treatment

Pre-construction anti-termite Treatment:

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is a soil level treatment that is conducted during the initial stages of construction. It comes with a service warranty up to 10 years. Since the soil on which construction is going to be carried out is treated directly, it has a lasting effect. Pre-construction treatment offers complete protection against termite infestation.

This treatment is ideal for under-construction building sites, ground floor flats and also individual flats while changing the flooring. APMT follows stringent steps to ensure the effectiveness of our anti-termite treatment.

Step 1: Identification

Before starting the treatment, we identify the soil contact with the building and then create an effective termiticide barrier. There are various areas and sections in the building or house that can come in contact of the soil, giving entry to termites.

We identify these areas and treat them with termite treatment solutions to ensure they are protected and are not infected by termites in the future.

  • Masonry Foundation
  • C.C. Foundation
  • Basement with individual footing pits inside the excavation
  • A basement without footing pits inside the excavation
  • Pile Foundation
  • Combine Pile Cap
  • Crawl Space
  • Earthquake Resistant interconnected footings
  • Wooden Structure

Step 2: Site preparation

Once the areas for treatment are identified we conduct a thorough site inspection. Our specialized termite control team visits the site or property and understands the soil condition.

During the site inspection, the storage place for Termiticides is determined. All the entry points of pests should be sealed and treated.

Step 3: Treatment

Our anti termite pest control treatment includes:

  • Spraying Anti-termite Treatment chemical to Column Pits, Wall trenches and Plinth wall.
  • Spraying Anti-termite Treatment chemical to the entire surface area including the junction of the walls and floors and to the soil along with the external perimeter of the building. Light rodding for better absorption of chemicals will be carried out for a distance of 15cm and depth up to 30cm
  • Spraying Anti-termite Treatment chemical to the soil surrounding pipes, wastes and conduits. Rodding will be done for a distance of 15cm and up to a depth of 7.5cm
  • Spraying Anti-termite Treatment chemical to the expansion joints.
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