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Ant Management Service (AMS)

    Show the ant invaders the way out with Fantastic Services’s expert ant control services!

  • Safe and eco-friendly pest control methods
  • Trained, vetted, and certified local technicians
  • Same-day & emergency visits available
  • Competitive local rates
  • 24/7 customer care
1. Survey
On the day of your service appointment, we’ll send you a fully equipped ant exterminator. They will inspect your property, look for entry points, and determine the seriousness of the infestation. Once done, the specialist will choose the best ant control treatment.
2. Treatment
The ant exterminator will set special gel baits in strategic areas, mainly around entry points and close to the ants’ nests. This type of treatment is extremely effective and will take care of the infestation once and for all.
3. Observation !
Upon additional request, your ant removal specialist can visit your property again in a few weeks to see if the ant infestation is gone. If there are still signs of the insects, further measures will be taken.
4. Proofing
Your ant pest control expert will offer you some useful advice that will prevent future ant infestations. Also, they’ll write down a report, describing what has been done in your property during the pest control service.

Professional ant control in Odisha by IPCA-certified technicians

Although ants are not your typical pest, as they are considered beneficial insects to our ecosystem, the little hard workers can infest our homes and cause problems, especially in the kitchen. At first, you may notice just a few of them scouting around and checking for available food sources. But sooner or later, you can expect the entire colony to join them.

The ants that you'll see in your home are not health-hazardous, but some species do bite if disturbed. That being said, these tiny insects can cause some serious damage to your property. For example, if a family of carpenter ants decides to move in with you, you can expect some serious structural damage to your home that can cost you a significant amount of time and money to fix. Ants can also cause issues with the wiring - believe it or not, the crawling insects can actually chew through the plastic covering of a cable and create a potential fire hazard. And we are not quite done yet - if an ant colony settles behind the walls of your home, the moisture from their new nest can affect your household appliances. So, next time your oven starts acting weird, maybe you have an ant problem on your hands. These are just some of the many reasons why you should opt for a professional solution if you start seeing tiny, black dots walking around your property.

Why book our ant control service in Cuttack
  • - 24/7 service options: You can book late-night sessions, Monday to Sunday, and on bank holidays.
  • - Flexible pricing: Affordable prices, no hidden charges.
  • - Convenience: We can arrange a key pick up and delivery.
  • - Competitive local rates
  • - Availability: We offer same- and next-day appointments.
What to do before and after the ant removal service

Before your pest control technician arrives, you’ll need to prepare yourself and your property for the treatment. Some of the things that you’ll have to do before the ant removal service in Cuttack and Other Cities are the following:

  • Make sure to remove all of the food from your kitchen cupboards;
  • Thoroughly vacuum your carpeted areas before the ant pest controler arrives.

What to do after the ant control service has been completed:

  • Leave the treated areas alone for at least a couple of hours;
  • Once enough time has passed from the ant removal session, open your windows for about 10 minutes;
  • Avoid hoovering or cleaning your property for at least 4 days after the ant eradication service.

If you have any further questions about your ant control service, you can ask the exterminator on-site or give our customer support team a call - pick the option that is most convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, according to IPCA, pest controllers are still allowed to visit properties, in order to make assessments and implement pest control solutions.
A: The answer is simple - the insects are looking for a good food source and your kitchen happens to be ideal for thе job. If you want to eliminate the risk of an infested home, you need to make sure that both your human food and pet food are properly stored in airtight containers. This prevention measure alone can save you the hassle of researching home remedies and investing in spraying detergents that just don’t work.
A: You should call one of the APMT as soon as you spot any signs of an ant infestation. Some ant species, such as carpenter ants, can inflict some serious damage to your property. Before you know it, you can end up with damaged wood in your home that will cost you a lot to repair.
A: The best way to keep ants away from your home is by not giving them incentives to sneak in. This means no dirty dishes in the sink and to invest time in frequent cleaning of floors, worktops, and cupboards. Also, if you have any small holes, cracks, and crevices, you can seal them, so that the insects don’t have a way to get it.
A: Of course, we can. The technicians can help you get rid of ants any day of the week, including on Saturdays, Sundays, and on bank holidays.
A: It depends on the number of rooms that require treatment and how many visits you've booked with the exterminator. We charge per job done, not per hour.