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Fly Management Service (FMS)

Stop the buzzing! Solve your fly infestation problems in minutes, by reserving your slot online.

  • Safe, discreet and effective treatment
  • Elimination of eggs, maggots and adult flies
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Professional and approved anti-pest solutions
  • Guaranteed results with our full treatment

Fly Control Services in Cuttack by Licensed Exterminators

Flies are not just annoying. They carry diseases, as they are attracted by and touch decaying organic matter, rotting carcasses, faces and waste matter in sewers. And even if you try to combat a fly problem with over-the-counter products and devices like sticky paper traps, often, these are not that effective against all the insect’s life stages. Therefore, it’s wise to consider a professional fly control treatment, in order to eliminate a potential health hazard at home or worse, in your restaurant kitchen, for instance.

Fantastic Services offers efficient, multi-visit pest control services against adult flying insects, including flies. The treatment eliminates the eggs and maggots, as well.

Why Choose Us to Solve Your Fly Problem

Affordable prices - we offer flexible pricing with no hidden charges
Choose the treatment - we offer a wide range of treatment options
Care for you - we provide eco-friendly and effective solutions to any pest problem
Quality control - we regularly supervise the work of our teams

How Our Fly Control Works

1. Survey
The fly pest control specialist will carefully inspect your property to determine what is the cause of the unusual infestation.
2. Treatment
The fly exterminator will apply an insecticide on various surfaces around your property. It has an instant knock-down effect meaning all flies around will perish in no time.
3. Observation
In case you booked a guaranteed service, you get up to two additional house fly control sessions for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.
4. Prevention
The exterminator will offer you some useful advice on how you can avoid future problems with flies and other flying insects. The technician will also prepare a full report for the completed treatment.

What to Do to Avoid Recurrent Fly Infestations

Before the flies treatment:

• Remove all pets from the affected areas
• Cannot be present during the treatment

After the service:

• Make sure you don't turn back for at least 2 hours
• Open windows for at least 5-10 minutes
• Don't hover the treated room/s for at least several days

Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, according to IPCA, pest controllers are still allowed to visit properties, in order to make assessments and implement pest control solutions. You can check our dedicated article that gives more explanation regarding pest control services during Coronavirus lockdown.
A: Log in to your APMT Account, it easy to do all kinds of changes to your bookings through there. If you still don't have one, sign up, it is free.
A: They are believed to transmit over 65 diseases to humans, including typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy, and tuberculosis.
A: Flies do not have the means to chew food on their own, so they will release special digestive enzymes to soften up the food before consuming it. This, of course, will transmit lots of harmful bacteria onto your food.
A: When the cold season hits, most adults will hide inside cracks and crannies and patiently await for spring to arrive.
A: Flies can be easily caught with homemade flypaper strips. All you need is some paper, a ½ cup of corn syrup, and ¼ cup of sugar. Lavender oil is also a good fly repellent, and so are cloves combined with lemon.