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Rodent Management Service(RMS)

Rats and mice are not just a nuisance but they also transmit diseases and cause property damage. They are one of the most challenging enemies of the man in the animal kingdom. To get rid of them. We adopt some measure like getting a pest control for rats to prevent from infestation and transmitting diseases.

You will know about a rodent infestation when you see the droppings near a food source or shredded paper and fabric lying everywhere in your house & office. To stop them from destroying your valuable property & documents you should get a rodent control treatment to get rid of them for a longer period of time.

Rodent Pest Control Services

Rodents which are commonly known to us as rats and mice are dangerous pests that can create havoc in your homes. Right from homes to factories to hospitals to offices, they can be found anywhere, where they will find food and shelter.
Notoriously known for spreading dreadful diseases and also polluting the food in your kitchens. They can also damage electronics, wiring etc. on the premises by chewing on them.
The rodent problem is something which nobody should face on their premises, whether a single rodent or a family, it is very important that you get rid of them immediately and prevent their future attacks.
Before you choose a rodent control service company, you need to know a few things about these pests.
• Rats – Rats are intuitive and do not trust new things in their surroundings like traps and baits kept to capture them. They colonize and live in burrows, under concrete, in-wall holes difficult to reach places. They can carry and transmit a number of diseases. They will also bring along with them disease-carrying parasites like fleas and ticks to your premises.
• Mice – Mice enter and try to infest the premises in search of food, water and warmth.

Rodents show Widespread presence in these Species Categories

The Roof Rats

You will usually see these rats on the roofs of the structures and these rats are good at climbing. They prefer to live in areas of the house like ceilings and attics. You will also notice the nest of such rodents in dense vegetation, piles of debris and wood, and over the trees. The nests are usually found in the citrus and avocado trees. The favourite things to eat for these rodents are cat, snail, and dog kibble.

The Norway Rats

These are not climbers and they prefer to stay at the lower levels of the structures. You will see them in crawl spaces, on the voids of the walls, in the storage rooms, or any messy area that is not used. In terms of outdoors, they make their nests in storm drains, sewers, and burrows on the ground. Norway rats like to eat protein and carbohydrate-rich food but they even eat items like soap.

The House Mouse

These are the smallest among the rat species and they are good at climbing. They are similar to Norway rats in their nesting patterns, and they usually stick to the ground when making nests.

The Bandicoots

The Bandicoots are the most aggressive among the rat species and they are also the biggest in size. They are great at burrowing and can cause structural damage to the buildings through their burrowing. They are known to burrow on the floor and ground, and also spoil the stored goods.

Rodent facts you should know:

Rodents have huge front teeth which help them gnaw on things. They chew on anything available, resulting in significant loss and damage to the property. They are fast breeders, some species breed all through the year, constantly increasing their population.

They can easily fit into the smallest of holes and cracks, hence one needs to ensure there are no holes or cracks in the premise, where they can enter and make their home.

All such holes should be covered up to prevent the entry and reentry of rodents. A rodent pest control services company can help you in handling the rodent menace.

How do you keep rodents away from your house or premises?

Rats and rodents come to your house or premises in search of water, food and shelter. To keep the rodents away:
• Fill up any cracks or holes through which they can enter your house
• Don’t keep uncovered food out in the open, this attracts them to your house
• Set traps and baits at places frequently visited by the rodents
• Contact professional rodent control services company in case of any rodent problem on your premises

Frequently asked questions

A: There are all sorts of things that you can do against infestation from rats. For example, never let your garden become overgrown. Also, make sure that you don't leave food exposed overnight. And if there are any evident entrances that the rats can use, then consider what can be done about them.
A: Rats are incredibly acrobatic and proficient at climbing. For instance, black rats can easily climb up vertical surfaces. Therefore, they are able to reach higher areas of a property, such as the attic. Brown rats are also good at climbing, but they prefer to dig their burrows near garages, garden sheds, and walls.
A: It depends on the size of the rats and how often they will eat from the baits that were placed by the technician. We can't say for sure, really. They need to eat from the product at least 2 or 3 times in order to become affected.
A: If this is indeed the case, then the technician will return to treat your property with a powerful rat-repelling product. Don't worry about it. No matter how persistent they are, we will be able to find a safe and effective solution.
A: First of all, is your garden overgrown? Does it provide access to food and shelter for the rats? Consider these aspects first. On the other hand, you can resort to planting some mint, which is a natural rat repellent. If this doesn't help, then you might want to resort to baits and traps instead.
A: There are a few things that you can try. Applying oils, such as pepper or peppermint near at the affected areas might help. Growing spearmint or daffodils indoors is also considered helpful. However, keep in mind that your best bet is to have any cavities and entrances physically blocked.
A:Bird pests can spread a range of diseases like Salmonellosis, Paratyphoid fever, Histoplasmosis and Ornithosis.
A:This is a discrete solution and doesn’t affect the building aesthetic.
A:Warranty for the nets and its accessories for its durability of 3 years. If we notice any disintegration of the product during the warranty period, We will repair or partly replace the same as deemed fit by us (On Call basis). For this we will do rectification work Free of cost.
A:Before painting we will remove the net from the frame and after painting work is completed, we will reinstall the net. This will be nominally charged.
A:Bird Net is recommended for window / balcony / duct openings. And Bird Spikes are recommended for Parapets, ledges of buildings where pigeons sit.
A:Bird Pro spikes do not hurt birds, they act as a visual and physical barrier. Bird spikes are a humane bird deterrent as the bird doesn’t come into direct contact with the Bird Spikes.