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Bird Management Service (BMS)

Our bird netting arrangements can give a quick, successful and circumspect answer for free an area of irritation bird issues. Our nets are painstakingly intended to give 100 percent avoidance of birds. They plan to take out birds from perching and settling in regions. These perching and netting regions are commonly exceptionally famous on the grounds that they can give a "home" for an enormous number of birds.

About Bird Management Services

Where To Use – Window Openings, Gallery, Ducts Where MS/SS Grills Are Fixed, Open To Sky Area, Etc. Pest Bird Covered – All Birds Bird Pressure – Low, Medium, And High Pressure

  • Professional Bird Net Installation
  • Aesthetic Looks
  • No Gaps For 100% Exclusion Of Pest Birds
  • Customizable
  • Cost-effective
  • Non Splitting
  • UV Treated To Withstand Sun Damage
  • Does Not React With Chemicals
  • Long Lasting - 3 Years Warranty

The nets are corrosion and rot proof, they can be easily washed with water and soap too. They neither block your views nor the air from passing freely through the house.

Frequently asked questions

A: No, our goal is to find the most effective and environmentally sound method of controlling pest birds.
A: When we approach a bird control project we have two primary goals.
  • Determine the best way to solve the pest bird problem given customer constraints.
  • Resolve the bird problem without damaging the aesthetics of the structure.
A good bird control technician is like a magician; he should be able to create the illusion that he was never there, and have no impact on the aesthetics of the structure. For this reason, we select bird control products that are not only effective at deterring birds, but also have a very low visibility factor.
A: Most bird exclusion projects carry a one- to five-year warranty, depending on the bird control product utilized.
A: Although birds may be relatively pleasant in your environment, there are numerous health and damage risks associated with their presence. Pest birds carry a host of parasites that can infest your establishment or home. Bird droppings that are allowed to build up around air conditioning systems create hazardous air that can ingress and infect the building. There is also the risk of slip and fall injuries associated with bird droppings on walkways. Last, but not least, if the birds are making a mess all over your structures it can give the public the impression that your business is not very sanitary. For more information on the damage and diseases caused by pest birds, please see our Threats and Risks page.
A: The most commonly found bird pest in India is Feral Pigeon.
A:Bird infestations can be categorised into loafing, roosting and nesting.
A:Bird infestation is commonly found in areas such as AC ducts, ledgers, parapet walls, panel rooms and electrical rooms.
A:Spread diseases. - Deface buildings with their droppings and dirty entryways. - Damage cars with their acidic droppings. - Encourage secondary insect infestation of their nests such as bedbugs, biting mites, ticks, moths and others.