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Woodborer Management Service (WMS)

The different methods of controlling the Wood Borer Control

An extended member of the arthropods family, the wood bore insects are mostly damage the wooden structures. Generally, the residential places observe the wood borer the most. In addition to that, in the agricultural setting, the wooden borer can even destroy the crops also. The wood borer can be controlled through placing the furniture at the dry area and also need to seal the creeks and crevices through the pesticide chemicals.

Wood Borer Infestation

Wood borers are insects that attack and cause serious damage to the wooden structure and furniture of a property. Properties constructed with natural wood are at high risk of wood borer attacks. Wood-boring beetles, like Auger, Jewel, Stag, and Pinhole Borers etc. are called “Wood Borers”.

However interesting their names may sound you sure would want to keep them away from your homes and offices. The larvae of wood borers and the powder residue post beetle larvae are pests that can cause structural damage to natural wood. Severe wood borer infestations will require the replacement of complete furniture. Amarnath Pest Control offers specialized wood borer treatment services to protect and prevent the wooden structure and furniture from any form of future infestations.

Wood-boring Insect Infestation

As houses and buildings get older the damage to the timber used for construction increases and the damage weakens the timber over a period of time. Weatherboards, floorboards and other structural timber would need to be replaced due to the weakness caused by the wood borer. The holes created by the borer larvae allow easy penetration of water, which increases the damage and rot by fungi.

The larvae of the wood borer are as small as a dot, they are almost invisible to the eyes. They enter the wood and lives inside it eating the wood from within. After staying inside the wood and eating it away for around 2–3 years the adult borer tries to come out of the wood. It exits the furniture or structure as an adult beetle through a round hole measuring not more than 1–2mm in diameter. Cutting out this trapdoor is their final wood-destroying act. They come out only to breed, once they are out on the surface they have a life of not more than 3–4 weeks.

Adult wood bearer beetles lay their eggs in cracks found in wooden furniture or wood used in the construction of the property. When the eggs hatch, the larvae slips into the wood through a very small hole and start feeding inside the wood. During the process of infestation over a period of 2 to 3 years, they build a maze of tunnels in the wood.

If this wood borer infestation is not treated at the right time, the timbers in the building structure building will start weakening and can result in grave dangers of structural failure. Most of the Indian houses have furniture made of wood or composites of wood. Hence they are at high risk from wood-boring insect infestation.

Wood-boring Beetles Treatment

Severe infestations of the wood borers will result in complete deterioration of the wooden beams. You may be required to replace the total furniture and flooring of the property. Our professional team of Wood borer treatment specialists at APMT can identify and trace the infestation which is normally characterized by a yellowish powder in the premises. This yellow powder is the debris from the tunnels unearthed by the larvae.

Our expert technicians find the infestation and provide the wood borer treatment on the infested areas. To avoid any wood borer infestation treat the raw wood or ply with insecticide before polishing or laminating them. Raw wood and ply can easily absorb and retain the spray.

Our Services

As part of the treatment for wood-boring insects, our specially trained technician injects the affected area with an insecticide which helps in reducing the wood borer infestation in the wood.

Special syringes are used for injecting Wood Preservative chemicals into the holes created by the wood borers. The chemicals help in controlling the damage caused to the wood by wood borer infestation. Further damage to the furniture can be avoided by spraying the furniture with petroleum-based chemicals.

We are the best pest control services in Mumbai, having sufficient skillset and awareness about various pest control services.

We provide wood-boring beetles treatment for residential and commercial properties. After a primary inspection of the premises, we provide a thorough wood borer treatment to get rid of the borers menace, providing a complete wood borer control solution. We offer affordable pest control services to all parts of Odisha.

Frequently asked questions

We use special syringes to inject the affected area with Wood Preservative chemicals to reduce the infestation in the wood. This helps in controlling the damage done. The furniture is further sprayed with petroleum-based chemicals to prevent further damage.
Depending on the severity and nature of wood borer infestation, the effect of the borer treatment can last from 6 months to 1 year.