Work contract: Anti-termite treatment, beehive removal, Spray and Fogging for mosquito control, cockroach & rodent control

The second T20 International cricket match between India and South Africa was played on 12th June 2022. For such a big occasion Odisha Cricket Association needed to clean up the dressing rooms, halls, kitchen and stadium galleries of all pests for the comfort of players, officials & spectators. For all the pest control works to be undertaken in the iconic Stadium OCA contacted Amarnath Pest Management Technology and gave us the contract.

Beehives removal

Under the above contract we were needed to remove the beehives in the galleries. It’s noteworthy to mention that spectators faced honeybee issues in the past and OCA was aware of the issue and needed a solution. There were 16 beehives at the heights of 50 to 70 feet each. One of our senior technicians Prasant Sahoo went to the stadium along with other technicians to remove the beehives. This needs highly skilled and fearless professionals to execute the task meticulously. The team took the help of stadium official to arrange a high-rise crane. Our technician went up there with the help of the crane to reach the beehives and sprayed chemicals on the beehives to get rid of the bees. After spraying the chemicals the technician removed the beehives one by one with the help of spraying rod. This took us 3 days clear all beehives.

Anti-termite treatment

We were needed to provide anti-termite treatment in the gym and dressing room areas. One of our most experienced technicians Rasmi Ranjan Rout took up the task in his hand, He along with another technician did the treatment for about 7000 sft in the stadium. The pests of any kind can be very irritating and with international cricket players around no one would want termites on the walls, or furniture fittings.

Spraying and fogging operation for mosquito treatment

Mosquitoes can create nuisance during the match for players and spectators. To protect them from mosquitoes we did spraying and fogging service inside the stadium. Spraying and fogging went simultaneously to substantially reduce adult mosquitoes in the stadium. This service continued till the eve of the match to keep the stadium mosquito free during the match

Cockroach & Rodent control

For Cockroaches we sprayed/sprinkled the chemicals and put gel to eliminate any chances of cockroaches around. For rodents we set traps and put rodent cakes and advised the stadium officials to seal the entry points to prevent rodents’ movement. With an international cricket match in line, we were assigned with very important tasks of removing the pests from the rooms, kitchens, halls and galleries. We completed all pest control works on time to make the stadium a pest free place. The T20I match was extremely successful one and the arrangement was superb by the OCA. We also take the pride of managing the pests extremely successfully in the stadium. We hope and would love to serve OCA and other sports bodies, sports complexes and stadiums in future. Some of the pictures of our guys doing the pest control work and some of the pictures guys watching the match at the stadium are also attached.